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Note: Content provided on this site is for historcial purposes only. Current content relating to the Special Minister of State role can be found on the Finance Minister's website.
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Media Release

9 November 2013

Strengthening the Rules Governing Parliamentarians' Business Expenses

The system of funding the work costs of parliamentarians in carrying out their responsibilities must work in a way that ensures senators and members are accessible to their electors while ensuring taxpayers' money is well spent and maintaining public confidence in the system.

For this reason, the Government will act to strengthen a range of measures governing the funding of parliamentarians' work costs.

The Government will proceed with the following sensible reforms to improve the system's integrity:

The Government believes that these reforms will improve accountability and strengthen the existing system.

As part of this process, the Government has considered the recommendations of the 2009 Belcher Review that were not adopted by the former Government.

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